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Guide to Sound Effects

Posted on Jul 18 2011

Do you need sound effects for your next project? Of course you can buy a lot of them. But where’s the fun in that?

Instead consider making your own sounds. Footsteps, doors, prop handling, and other such obvious sounds are easy to create in the studio. But what if you need unique or esoteric sounds?

The fine folks at Epic Sound maintain a handy-dandy, free, A-Z guide to sound effects (SFX) creation. It’s chock full of recipes for many interesting and useful sounds. Visit their site for more information.

Here’s a tip from my Soundtrack Success book: When recording your own sound effects, get multiple perspectives. Don’t just stick the mic in one position. Experiment with different mic positions and distances. That gives you more choices with the sounds and helps you match perspectives.

My favorites from the Epic database include:

  • Chop on chips (fries) for trees falling.
  • Biting into an apple for spear piercing flesh
  • Half-speed toilet flush for depth charges

How about your favorites?

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